July 19, 2010

Banana Pudding Cream Cheese Ball Spread Sandwich Cookie Dessert Thingie

A foodie I'm not.

When my niece was visiting last week, we stopped at the Amish (hmmm, might be Mennonite) store up the road and got some yummy cheese balls.  One was a dessert cheese ball made with mini chocolate chips.  Oh goodness, what a treat!  When I saw the simple ingredients on the label I thought "Huh, I can do that".

Since that day I've had dessert cheese balls on the brain pretty much 24/7.  I've dreamed up several concoctions in my head that sounded good, determined to give them a try so I could post them on my blog.  Mind you, I'm no foodie so there's no telling what lab experiments may go awry in my kitchen (I never took Home Ec or Chemistry in high school either), so hold on tight.

(Photo courtesy of Dan MacDonald)

Since sweet stuff made with cream cheese seemed to be the order of the day, I thought a banana pudding-sorta something might be good.  One of the chocolate chip cheese ball recipes I found was mainly cream cheese, butter and confectioners sugar, so I thought adding banana pudding to the mix would be a simple, yet tasty variation.  Even thought maybe I'd go with more of a spread rather than cheese ball.  A-ha... spread on vanilla wafers (which were awesome with the chocolate chip cheese ball from the Amish/Mennonite store, by the way). Sounded like an easier, and more portable version of traditional banana pudding.  Works for me.


I started off with half of the other recipe and added a half package of banana pudding mix.  Yuck.  Added the rest of the banana pudding.  Still yuck.

Ok, how about a little more sugar (1/2 again as much as I added initially).  Ewww.  Ok, there's some Cool Whip left in the fridge, let's see what that does.  Hmm ... creamier, but still pretty nasty.

Of course I'm tasting all of this as I go along and after each additional ingredient, first with a dab on my finger, then spreading on a vanilla wafer or two and popping into my mouth.  I even made cute little vanilla wafer 'nana pudding sandwich cookies-type thingies to see if the two wafers with one dollop of spread might tone it down a bit.

It didn't.  And now I have a stomachache from eating all this junk, and nothing more to show for it.  I guess the chickens and the dogs will get dessert this evening.

So there you have it, my first attempt at a foodie post on my blog.  How'd I do?


Martie said...

Just keep trying! You'll come up with a hit eventually!

And I bet they were Mennonite. My mom will purchase stuff from a Mennonite kitchen now and then and it's always delicious!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Sorry you weren't able to recreate that recipe--sounds like you had good intentions though :-)