March 11, 2009

Busy - But Loving It!

Things are starting to come together a little at a time, but there is still so much to do. I have the basics - a bed to sleep in, the couch and recliner, refrigerator and stove, and most of my dishes/pans in the kitchen, so I can't complain. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with how the cabinets are organized and I think I've changed something around every day, but that's ok - I didn't even have cabinets in the little rental home I was in, so I am enjoying the opportunity to move things around as I want.

I have counters! I have room to put my canisters without laying them on their side! (Yes, I am easily pleased). The cabinets are in good shape, but I do want to paint and/or stain them and change hardware. What's up there now has too much of a mediterranean look for my tastes - definitely not 'me'. That should be a pretty easy fix, but I've got other things that need my attention (and $$$) first. I did take one handle off a cabinet to see what it would look like, and I really think they will look better with something smaller and more casual.

I'd really like to get my bedroom set here, but I need to get the nasty wallpaper off and paint before I do. I think it will be so much easier to do without the bed and dresser to move around. Here's what I started with and where I am now:


The first day here I went to take a shower only to find out that the thing you pull down in the faucet to make the shower work wasn't functioning - uh oh. Tom's brother stopped by a day or so later and he investigated and saved the day. He took the faucet off and pried it open to find a small rock stuck in there. He thinks that it may have been a chunk of calcification that had come loose and embedded itself after the water had been turned back on after recent plumbing in the kitchen. The hot water in the bathroom sink only comes out at a trickle too, so he thinks it may be a related issue and is going to tackle that project on another day. Ahhh, the trials of home ownership.

Yes, I've uncovered minor pitfalls and I know there will be more, but it has not dampened my spirits one bit. To go from a tiny, cold, 600sf house with no closets and a bathroom where you can take care of all manners of your daily toilette from one spot - well, anything is a blessing after that, and my 1400sf with a real kitchen, huge dining/living room area, garage and an acre of land is a dream come true. I am truly thankful that this opportunity was made available to me.

Shirley loves it here too - she has her own private fish pond!

I hope to be sharing more 'after' pictures soon!


Samantha said...

Cant wait to see your after pictures, Shirley looks very happy, what a blessing to have your new home !
Have a great day ! Samantha

Diane said...

Marie Anne, I love reading all about your adventures in your new home! I am so excited for you!