August 3, 2015

Who Needs New Washcloths?

I'll admit, the quality of washcloths I buy aren't usually something I put a lot of thought into.  I buy whatever cheap cloths I can find at Walmart or wherever and call it good.  Still, I was very happy to  be offered the opportunity to buy this set of 24 wash cloths for a discounted price on amazon in exchange for my honest review, because some of my current face cloths were showing a lot of wear and would need to be replaced soon.

My first impression when I opened the box of wash cloths was eh, they're white wash cloths, nothing special about these.  They are a decent size (I measured just over 12" x 12"), and seemed to be much like the washcloths you might find in a standard motel.  I was concerned about how well they'd hold up in the wash, so I waited until I'd used and laundered a few of them several times to make sure I could give a valid review.

Well, I'm impressed.  They've held up very well after being washed several times, and I love the way they feel.  They're not super thick, but exactly the way I like them.  I don't like a cloth that's too thick that you can't feel through them, but not so thin that they're threadbare before you know it.  These are perfect, in my opinion.  I've not washed them any differently than any of the rest of my laundry, but these cloths are much softer after laundering than any of my other cloths.

This photo shows several of the cloths before laundering, and one that's been machine washed and dried several times.

The listed price for this package of 24 wash cloths at the time of this writing is $13.97, and even though I got mine at a discount, I think that's still a very good price - that's less than .60 each!

 ~ Marie Anne

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