July 10, 2015

Old loveseat DIY repurposed to ... what?

I picked up this old loveseat a couple of years ago for $15 and it was actually for a friend, but somehow it ended up staying at my house for the dogs.  It was old and the fabric was getting nasty, but it didn't smell, and had no bugs, so I just put a slipcover over it and called it good.  It was actually pretty comfortable and I'm never going to have nice furniture with three dogs anyway.

Fast forward to today ... after a couple of years with the dogs in my house that has high humidity, it started to stink.  I bought a new couch and loveseat last month (got a great deal at the local thrift store when they had half price on everything in the store), so this nasty thing had to go.  I was going to try to give it away, but really didn't feel anyone would want it, and it's too big to leave out for the trash, so I tucked it into a corner of the kitchen while I figured out what to do with it.

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Before ... pretty nasty loveseat, but has good bones.
© Marie Anne St. Jean

I decided that I was going to do some purging and decluttering this weekend, and that loveseat was definitely in the way, so after some thought, I decided to see if I could tear it down.  I figured maybe I could repurpose it in some way since the fabric is what stinks, but the frame is in great shape.  If it turned out to not be any good for anything else (or if I'm not the person who can pull it off), at least I could finish busting it up where it could be hauled away easier.

I spent a couple of hours this evening tearing the nasty fabric off, ripping out cushions, and tearing out foam padding and the like.  I've got it almost to bare bones now, with just the skirt and back fabric left.  I still need to take out all the staples, and then figure out a way to get the spring supports out of there, but that will be another day.  I'm pooped!

So ... here's where I'm at.  Now what?

During ... almost to bare bones.
© Marie Anne St. Jean

Where are my talented upcylcling, repurposing friends?  What should I do with it now?  I haven't really put a lot of thought into the end product yet, but I was thinking either figure out a way to paint/stain the wood so that it would survive the elements outside, and get some outdoor fabric for seat cushions, or just cover back and seat with plywood and paint/stain entirely and use it for a bench -  either indoors or out.

I'm open to ideas.  And be forewarned ... I'm notorious for starting a project in grand fashion when I really don't have a clue what I'm doing, and end up with a mess of nothing, and scrapping the whole thing.  But gosh, look around on Pinterest and some of the DIY and upcycling websites out there and there are scads of people making all sorts of neat stuff out of junk.  And have you seen the TV show "Flea Market Flip"?  Some of the stuff they come up with is fabulous!  Surely I can do something with this loveseat, right?


~ Marie Anne

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