May 28, 2015

Quick and Healthy Egg Muffin Breakfast

Yep, another post about how I'm using my silicone cupcake liners!  Seriously, I've probably not used cupcake papers more than once every few years, but since buying these silicone muffin liners, I've used them several times for different things, and have plans for a lot more.  I got mine at a discount in exchange for an honest review of the product, but even at full price, I'll definitely get  my money's worth out of them.

Today's test was egg breakfast muffins.  I had already made cupcakes and muffins with my liners (and eaten far too many of them), so decided it was time for something on the low-carb end of things.  I didn't have a lot of ingredients on hand to try this, but wanted to see how eggs would do in the silicone, and I needed to eat breakfast anyway, so ...

I started with four eggs (not wanting to waste a whole dozen if this didn't work out), one MorningStar Farms Original Sausage Patty, and a small chunk of sharp cheddar cheese.

Here's what I did:

1 - Microwaved the frozen veggie sausage patty for 1 minute on high

2 - Cracked 4 eggs into small bowl and beat until yolks were broken up well

3 - Cut the cheese into small bits

4 - Stirred sausage and cheese into the eggs

I then set the baking cups on a cookie sheet, and filled each approximately 1/3 of the way full, and baked in a 350° oven for 26 minutes.

Silicone cups filled with egg mixture, ready for the oven

When I took them out of the oven, I slid them off the cookie sheet onto my cooling rack and one of them tipped over and fell right out of the liner!  If that isn't a testimony to how these really are non-stick, I don't know what is.

That baby slid right outa there

You can see by my photos that the amount I put into each cup wasn't quite enough.  With the same amount of other ingredients I used, I probably would have done better to use only six  muffin cups with the four eggs, so could probably get a dozen egg muffins from eight eggs.  I wasn't sure how much the egg mixture would rise in comparison to muffin or cupcake batter, so chose to err on the side of caution instead of having a nasty egg mixture spill over.  What you get will depend on the size of your eggs and how many other ingredients you add, but I think they'd turn out better filling at least halfway.

Done baking

I didn't add any seasoning to the egg mixture before baking, because I usually salt my eggs on my plate whether I salt during cooking or not, so I'm trying to cut out the 'during cooking' portion.  I should have added pepper, but was excited about getting them into the oven and forgot.  Use whatever herbs and spices you would normally add to your egg dishes.  The sausage and cheese version I made this morning was ok with just the salt, but I'll experiment with other things too (and definitely add pepper to the mix).

Ready to eat!

You could add just about anything you want to the beaten eggs and make your own version of breakfast egg muffins.  I plan on trying bacon and mushroom in addition to the sausage and cheddar cheese, and broccoli, onions, and other vegetables would probably be good too.  Just think of whatever else you might add to an omelette and toss it in there.   If you need to stay low-carb, this recipe will definitely become a staple in your house.

Since this is very much like an omelette, why bother with egg muffins at all?  For one thing, you can make many at one time, put in the oven, set the timer, and forget about it for a while.  You don't need to stand over the stove and be ready to turn your omelette, nor worry about if it's folded properly.  Because the height and girth of the egg muffins is so much larger than a flattened omelette, it's easier to get that fluffiness.

Tip:  The eggs will get shiny while baking, so don't rely on sight to guess when they're done.  The shininess isn't because they're wet.  Insert a butter knife to test for doneness as you don't want to overbake and end up with a rubber ball.

These egg muffins should freeze well, but if I make a dozen at a time, I'll probably freeze half and leave the other half in the refrigerator to eat within a few days.

So ... what will you try for breakfast egg muffins?

~ Marie Anne

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