March 3, 2015

Favorite Sites to Earn Cash and Gift Cards

Like many of you, I'm always looking for a way to earn a buck online, and I've tried just about everything out there.  I was doing a lot of sites every day, but some take up too much time for the amount of return on that investment, so I've pared down my list.

Here's a list of sites that I find definitely worth the time, and I work at them every day:

#1 SwagBucks - My favorite is still SwagBucks, even though things seem to have slowed down there some since the first of the year.  Still, it's easy money, so I do it daily and grab what I can to try to make both bonuses each day. Many ways to earn by searching, watching videos, completing surveys, and even several mobile apps.  I usually redeem for PayPal cash instead of gift cards.  Click SwagBucks to sign up.

#2 GiftHulk - Runner up is GiftHulk, and on some days I do better there than I do on SwagBucks.  I find it easier to qualify for surveys on GiftHulk, so keep trying even if you are normally disqualified.  Earn in other ways much the same as SwagBucks, plust a few extras, like "Guess the Card" are very easy to do.  I alternate between redeeming for cash via PayPal and gift cards.  Click GiftHulk to sign up.

#3 Bing - Without a doubt the easiest way to earn a few points is by searching with Bing.  You get a limited amount of points each day for searching on your PC and on the mobile app, so put it on your list to do every morning and then don't worry about it the rest of the day.  You can cash in your points via Bing, or cash in 475 Bing points and 'buy' a SwagBucks code worth 500 ($500).  Click
Bing to sign up

#4 InstaGC - Moving down to fourth on my list of must-do sites every day is instaGC.  It's not as lucrative as it was some months ago, but payout is still as little as $1 and pays out immediately, so it's worth it to keep checking every day.  Click instaGC to sign up.

New ways to earn online are popping up every day, and some are good, some not so much.  I'll check out some of the newcomers, but like to stick with the tried and true.  The sites I've listed above have paid me many, many times; they're legitimate, and will continue to get my time and attention daily

~ Marie Anne

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