August 15, 2014

Shopping Receipts = Amazon Gift Cards With ReceiptPal

Your receipts can earn free gift cards, so don't toss those receipts in the trash when you get home from the store!  If you have a smartphone, search google play or the apple store on your phone for an app called ReceiptPal and start earning free Amazon or gift cards from your weekly shopping trips.

The app is super easy to use and is pretty much self-explanatory.  It will accept any receipt that is not older than 30 days, from any store or establishment, as long as it shows the name of the establishment, the date, and amount spent.  You can even email e-receipts and get credit for your online shopping too (but not shipping confirmations).

After downloading/installing the app, simply take a photo of the receipt and that's it!  It can take up to a day for your receipt to be checked and credited, and if it comes back and says not readable, simple take another photo and submit it again.

You get points once you fill up a card, and it takes four acceptable receipts to fill the card, and new users get 5 cards each week.  Each card you fill up also gives you an entry into the weekly sweepstakes drawing for more gift cards.  Once you've been using the app for a while, ReceiptPal will increase the amount of cards you have available each week.

Save ALL of your receipts, because they're not picky!  Gas station, grocery story, receipts from the doctor/dentist, department store ... you name it, and ReceiptPal will accept it, as long as it fits the requirements of name/address of store, date, and the amount you spent.

You can check the rewards section in the app to see how many points are needed to cash out for various denominations of gift cards.  If you want instant gratification, you can get a $1 Amazon gift card for just 350 points, or save your points and redeem for a larger amount.

There is no referral program for ReceiptPal, so I'm not getting anything by sharing this except the satisfaction of helping my friends earn a buck!  In return, you can help me by sharing this post so that YOUR friends can earn free gift cards too!

~ Marie Anne

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