March 5, 2013

Win $20 from Aldis and Save by Switching

Do you have an Aldi nearby?  If you do, you probably already know that it's the best deal in town on many staple items.  If you don't shop Aldi, you're missing out on a tremendous savings in your grocery budget.

To help you save even more, Aldi is having a contest on their Facebook page right now that challenges you to make the pledge to switch and save, and ten lucky people will win a $20 gift certificate to make those savings even better.

The contest ends Apr. 9, 2013 and entrants must be 18 years or older.

When I do my grocery shopping, I take a cooler with me and shop Aldi first, then fill in the rest at other stores on the way home.  Oh, and Aldi has more than just food.  They often have pots and pans, exercise equipment, gardening supplies, and all sorts of other things.

Click to find the Aldi store nearest you.

~ Marie Anne

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Tamara McRill said...

Thanks for the heads up. I entered!