April 19, 2012

SuperPoints Bonus Spin Day!

If you're a member of SuperPoints, don't forget to spin your SuperLuckyButton today and take advantage of the bonus spins.  There were some site problems earlier this week and SuperPoints is paying us back for the inconvenience by giving us extra bonus spins.

It's double spins for everyone, so today only, Thursday, Apr 19, 2012, I have 200 spins instead of the 100 I normally get every day.  It'll take me a while to get through them all, but I'll be spinning every one of them!

I've earned 11 SuperPoints this morning after only 11 spins!

Not a member yet?  What are you waiting for?  I've earned $220 in Amazon gift cards since the end of November ... all for clicking a silly button each day and telling my friends to do the same.  I can show you too, so click here to join SuperPoints and let's get going!  Join today with that link and get 25 bonus points to start your account.

Good luck with your bonus spins today!

(If I don't already know you, make sure to leave some 
sort of contact information so I can help you get started)

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