April 30, 2012

Science Diet for Cats Free Rebate

I've bought Science Diet dog food, but I didn't realize they had products for cats too. I recently got a coupon to try a free 3.5lb bag of Ideal Balance cat food by Science Diet for my cats to try and they loved it!

Apparently baskets are for sleeping and not for seedlings

One of my cats has had problems with diarrhea for some time and after a thorough physical and lab tests, my veterinarian said he was fine, but feeding him a high quality cat food might help.  Getting the coupon to try the Science Diet was great timing, and by the time he finished the bag of Ideal Balance, his tummy problems were gone.  My cats (and my nose) thank you, Science Diet!

Click to get details about the free rebate for Hill's Science Diet cat food.

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