January 21, 2012

Water Boil Dry?

Do you put water on to boil for tea and go off to do something else, only to go back to the kitchen and see the water has boiled dry, ruining your saucepan?  Like most of you, I multitask and have let that happen more times lately than I care to admit.

If you don't have a teakettle that whistles, set the timer on the stove.  Works every time.

Photo by alvimann

I fill a small saucepan with just enough water for my morning tea, then set the time for 4 minutes or so and go about my business.  If I forget about the water boiling, the timer will alert me and divert another ruined pan (or worse).

Remember to switch the burner off before you turn off the timer (yes, I've done that too).

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