January 4, 2012

Kroger Private Selections - Yum, But Pricey

Have you tried any of the Private Selections line at Kroger?  They've got yummy entrees, appetizers and desserts and I was given free coupons through BzzAgent so that I could try them out.

I started with the BBQ Pizza, which I found to be very tasty, but the pizza wasn't as big as I expected it would be.  I got it free so can't complain, but wouldn't have paid full price for that size pizza, especially with a thin crust.  Free is always good and the pizza tasted great, so I'd recommend it to anyone that isn't shocked at Kroger prices or has a coupon to make it a better deal.

As an appetizer, the Southwestern Chicken Trumpets sounded interesting, so I popped those into my cart.  The trumpets were very tasty, not too spicy (I don't like spicy), but just enough pepper and seasonings to make them flavorful without going overboard.  Not sure I'd buy them often, but they were a great for a quick snack while watching TV.

Is there anyone who doesn't like chocolate eclairs?  I chose the frozen mini eclairs with my free coupon for a Private Selections dessert.  They were tiny, really just bite sized, but they tasted great.  Unlike larger eclairs where you bite into one and the filling dribbles down your chin, you can literally pop a whole mini eclair into your mouth -- not sure if that's a plus or a minus.  I think a larger eclair with more filling and chocolate on top would have been tastier, but these were pretty good, considering the size.  Again, pretty pricey for the amount in the package, but good for a quick fix when you have company pop in for coffee.

All in all, I was satisfied with the Kroger Private Selections brand choices I made and would buy them again if they were on sale and I had a coupon.  I wouldn't pay full price for any of them, but I'm frugal cheap!

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