January 23, 2012

Giveaways and Contests

Sharing some great giveaways I found today.  Follow me and subscribe so you don't miss out on other great deals, freebies, and more contests!

Monday morning list of giveaways:

$50 Amazon or PayPal from Twin Sisters in the City.  This is a brand new blog offering a GREAT prize for their first giveaway.  Come see what these ladies have to say about the Big Apple, help them get started, and get a chance to win this great prize to boot!
Tupperware Whip 'n Prep from Yummy Boy Mummy Saving Money
Winchell Mountain Coffee from BassGiraffe's Thoughts
Parazul Handbag from Style 'n Decor Deals
Journal 10+ from Moose Tracks & Tater
Cat Door from Sweep Tight
$100 Best Buy from Mama NYC
Spa Cloth and Soap from yours truly and a friend!  (almost forgot to add my own giveaway to the list!)

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