January 18, 2012

Free Amazon Gift Cards With SuperPoints

I just cashed out for my 13th $5 amazon gift card with SuperPoints! That's a total of $65 I've earned in about two months, just for clicking a button as I go about my other business throughout the day.  Yes, I have some referrals that help those points rack up, but once you have just a few referrals, you get more opportunities to earn points quicker.  You can still earn without any referrals, it will just take a little longer.

You can watch videos and complete offers to get more points, but I don't mess with most of that. I get my points just by clicking the Super Lucky Button each day (I get 100 clicks) and opening the email with my daily points.  Sometimes the email is just 1 or 2 pts, but occasionally I'll get lucky with a nice bonus.  I just opened an email with 25 pts a few minutes ago which pushed me over the amount needed to cash out again.

Don't wait for your friends to snatch up the referrals, join now and recruit them first!  SuperPoints is by invitation only, so if the link is expired, please leave me a comment and I'll update the link with a new invitation, or contact me on facebook.

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Marilisa Sachteleben said...

Hi Thrifty Lady,

How do I add friends on Superpoints if I don't have their email? Thanks,