September 1, 2011

Tips for Facebook Sweepstakes and Giveaways

I posted yesterday about Sweepstakes on facebook, and I've been busy entering a bunch of the contests since.  There are quite a few gift cards being given away and lots of other neat prizes too, so come join in on the action!

A few things to remember when clicking the button to enter the contests:

1 - Make sure to 'like'.  Look on the left hand side of the page and click on 'like' before entering the contest.  If you don't 'like' the giveaway sponsor's page on facebook, you will be ineligible to win the prize. Once the contest ends, the sponsor will verify that you show up on their facebook page, so make sure not to 'unlike' or you'll be disqualified if your entry is picked.

2 - Share with your friends to increase you own chance of winning.  Many of the sweepstakes will give a second prize to the person who referred the winner to the contest.  If you share the giveaway on facebook and one of your friends wins by clicking the link you posted, then you win the prize too!  This doesn't apply to all contests, so read the details of each one.

3 - Check your messages.  Once the contest ends, the sponsor will notify you and if you found and 'liked' the page through facebook, you will probably be contacted via a message there.  Depending on your settings and relationship with the sponsor, the notification might end up in your messages under 'other', and you won't receive an email notification, so make sure to check that spot daily.  Don't miss out on a win because you didn't respond to the notification!

I hope these tips help you win some great prizes.  I'll be sponsoring my own contest soon, so keep an eye on this blog!

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