May 17, 2011

New Friends and Followers With Good Friends Click Hop

A Mom's Take

What a cool way to increase readership to your blog while making new friends!  Head on over to A Mom's Take today for the weekly Good Friends Click Hop.  Click the first five links so you can follow the hosts (as a 'thanks' for running the show every week), then add the link to your blog at the bottom so that others popping in can follow you.  The full list appears on all five host blogs so there's potential for quite a bit of exposure.

There are a lot of mommy-type blogs, many with giveaways and money-saving tips and tricks, so skim the list for blogs you might be interested in and follow them too.  When you follow someone, leave them a comment to let them know you found them through the Click Hop.

A new blog hop is posted every Tuesday, so make sure to head back there next week to follow, be followed, and find new friends.

See you there!


Kathy Detweiler said...

New follower,hope you'll follow me back,thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm following back. Can't wait to see more of your blog!

A Mom's Take said...

Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Click Blog Hop, and for the post too!! New follower! I have lots of giveaways ending Thursday and I would love a follow back!


Bonnie said...

Returning the blog hop follow.
Marie the RSS & email button are on the top right side of my blog below my picture.
Have a wonderful weekend!