May 20, 2011

Military and Retirees Save More With

I made a previous post about saving with, where you can get merchandise for greatly reduced prices and only $2.95 shipping (even furniture!), but I found an even sweeter deal this morning.

I need a microwave cart and thought I'd check overstock first.  While poking around, I noticed a deal called Club O, where for $19.95 per year you can get free shipping and 5% back on every purchase.  Sounded like a good deal and as I read further, I noticed that it said active duty military, reserve and retirees were eligible for Club O for free!

Since I'm retired from the Marine Corps, I went to snatch that up immediately, but ran across one snag.  It says you have to create your account using a .mil email address and then email to let overstock know that you've signed up and ask for the Club O benefit.  The problem is that only active duty military can get a .mil email account.

I've emailed overstock and asked what can be done to fix this and anxiously awaiting a response.  I hope they have a solution for me, but in the meantime, if you're active duty or reserve military and have a .mil email account, head on over to and grab this freebie - a  $19.95 value plus whatever you save on shipping and the 5% bonus back for all of your purchases.

Wow - by the time I got done posting this, I had already received an email from overstock customer service saying that they had opened the Club O account for me and I now had all benefits good for a full year.  If you are retired military and don't have a .mil email address, contact them via the email listed on the page linked above and I'm sure they'll be able to work something out for you too.  Overstock rocks!

I am not affiliated with overstock in any way nor was I compensated for this post.  The information shared herein is provided only to alert my military brothers and sisters to a great deal.


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

My oldest daughter who is active Air Force loves this deal with Overstock and uses it often. Happy to hear you got an account opened for you. Oh...and thanks for your kind words on my blog about Eclipse.

pbquig said...

Wow, we're, or I should say Dennis, are retired military and there are some bennies around. Maybe that should be a category on the giveaway page, what military can get? Places don't always advertise it or even mention, but if you ask at places many more are doing it now, from restaurants, retail stores, etc. Since we're old (61) we then try to top it off with senior discounts.

Thanks for the heads up.

A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

Anonymous said...

How cool! I've only ever bought one thing from treadmill with a built-in TV--but we got a great deal on it and ten years later, the thing still runs like a champ.

My hubby did his stint in the army, but wasn't in long enough to be 'retired' from it.

cajunlicious said...

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- Jessica @

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

It's amazing the number of places that offer a military retiree-active duty discount these days.

Home Depot and Lowes give 10% and recently I was in my local Agway for some garden supplies and they had a sign that said `10% for Active duty, veterans and retirees.