April 2, 2011

Boo, Brought to You By the Letter B

Meet Boo.

Look how small Boo is
compared to littermates
Boo is one of a litter of five kittens that a semi-feral mama cat dropped at my door when they were about 4 weeks old (she brought the first litter at 3 weeks a few months prior.  'Nother story).  There was 3 gray, one black and white and little black Boo in the bunch.  Boo was the smallest, and while the rest of them took to the softened kitten chow fairly easily, Boo would have none of it and had to be bottle fed for a few extra days.

When I sexed them, I had Boo pegged as a boy, but when he didn't develop as the rest of them did, I took another look.  Must be a girl.  As a responsible pet owner, I made the appointment at the appropriate time  so as not to add to to the kitten population in Ross County (I had already trapped and had mama cat fixed and released).  The vet called that afternoon and said that Boo had come through the surgery just fine, but that he was indeed a he and not the little girl I had dropped off that morning!

I was told that it happens all the time, that even the local cat rescues don't get it right, but it was still embarrassing.  He really was a little thing for so long, and to be honest, once I had decided he was a girl, I never really looked again.  Regardless, Boo will be neither having babies nor making them, since the deed was done.

Boo with his Halloween Candy Corn

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Boo is so cute! <3

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Bless you for taking in and fixing those cuties. Boo looks very special.

iSnyder said...

Thank you SO much for not allowing Mama Cat to continue contributing to the cat over-population problem! And the same for Boo and his litter mates. What a litter of cuties!

Carla said...

Boo is very cute...and I love his candy corn too! I also enjoy crocheting!


Gail M Baugniet said...

Boo is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing his/her experience.

Amy Brantley said...

Such a cute story!

Huntress said...

I am a pushover for articles and photos about cats, the cuter the better.

D. Heath said...

I wish I could pet Boo, she so cute!!

Loki Morgan said...

awww :) I am getting my daily baby fix from your blogs! hehe

Andrea Coventry said...

So cute! I had a baby black kitty some years ago who unfortunately ran out into the road with his sister....:-/

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Jennee said...

Boo is cute! I'm not much of a cat person but I might cuddle with Boo!

Nicole/MadlabPost said...

That photo of Boo is so cute. I've been trying to get a pet cat for about one month now and it's not been easy, as the Animal Places in my area do not seem to have many kittens available (Between 2 weeks and 9 weeks) so my search continues.

Arlee Bird said...

Me and you and a dog named Boo. Wait that ain't no dog.

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Dan said...

What a cute little guy!


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Boo-tiful Boo.

Simply adorable.

Linda Ann

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baygirl32 said...

awww boo is so cute!

Cat said...

I think Boo is adorable. The candy corn just makes the picture even better! I saw your blog about the A-Z challenge, and joined, but just now getting to read YOUR "A" and "B". I decided to try my hand at A through Z, too, so we shall see if my crazyness will last 26 letters!


Eliza Wynn said...

Aww, Boo is so tiny! All the kittens are very pretty!

Langley said...

Oh what a sweetie. I have the hardest time telling the difference is cats too!

Patricia said...

What a wonderful mama you are to the furries. My Henry was originally Hannah until she/he went for the required surgery. Oh well he was a sweetie. Died last summer at 16.