March 31, 2011

Tips for A-Z Blogging Challenge

Those who have joined me on the A-Z Blogging Challenge, are you as excited as I am? I haven't really got a thing planned in advance, but still I'm anxious to see April 1 and have some fun.  Since tomorrow will be here soon enough, I thought I'd throw out a few tips before we get started.

One of the benefits of the challenge is to get more exposure, more readers for your blog, so it stands to reason that you're expected to read other blogs too.  I don't know about you, but I don't plan on reading 800+ blogs per day, so needed a system of some sort to visit other blogs here and there.  You could go to the blog host and throw virtual darts to pick random blogs to read, but another challenge participant wrote code for a neat button that brings you to a random blog when clicked.  I'm putting that button on each of my blogs so that when I'm posting or otherwise have a minute to spare, I can click a few times while it's there in front of me, and not have to load the huge list of links on the hosting blog.

You can see the button in the left sidebar, which includes the link to where to get the code to put it on your own blog.  People are already using the button, as I already got a comment from someone on one of my other blogs that said he just landed on me randomly via that means. Neat, huh?

Twitter is another way to get the word out that you're participating in the challenge and solicit more exposure for your blog.  If you tweet any of your A to Z posts, make sure to add the hashtag #atozchallenge and any other hashtags that might be applicable for the topic of that paricular post.  Have no clue what a hashtag is?   This article about hashtags might help.

Ready to go?

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Sharon said...

I have tomorrow's blog post written and scheduled to post, since all signs point to me spending the day at the DMV. But I do not have anything else planned in advance. I am looking forward to this!

I have a few blogs that I already follow, and can not wait to explore more of the participating blogs as time allows.