March 6, 2011

Pet Food Giveaway - Six Months of Dog Food FREE!

I subscribed to Canidae's Responsible Pet Ownership blog last year and was chosen as the winner of six month's worth of free premium dog food.  I meant to write about my windfall some months ago and it completely slipped my mind.  Bad, bad Marie Anne.  No treats for you today.

The Canidae blog is full of helpful information about pet ownership so if you subscribe, you'll get lots more than a chance to win free pet food.  I've been a dog and cat owner all my life and I still learn things with almost every new post.

Molly and Jethro enjoying a bit of sunshine
A few years ago I did quite a bit of research on the best diet for dogs and decided that raw was the way to go.  It quickly became too cumbersome for me to handle, so more reading lead me to Canidae.  Of the top two commercially prepared foods recommended by researchers and dog owners, Canidae was the only one available in my area (I was in MN at the time).  Veterinarians will often recommend a pet food, but they are usually compensated in some way to do so.  Like many human medical institutions, veterinary schools likely focus more on treatment of illness and injuries rather than nutrition and prevention.  Nothing against veterinarians, but I'd rather trust those who specialize in pet nutrition.

I found the Canidae blog through Facebook friends and immediately signed up for the email subscription so I wouldn't miss a post. Just by subscribing I was automatically entered into the quarterly contest for six month's worth of free pet food, either Canidae (for dogs) or Felidae (for cats).  Of all the entries during that three month period, I was randomly chosen as the winner and within days had coupons in my mailbox for six free 30 lb bags of Canidae dog food.  Yes, huge 30 lb bags!

Canidae recently came out with a grain free dog food and they're offering a coupon for $2 or $5 off a 15 or 30 lb bag.  When you're done reading about the products Canidae offers, go subscribe to Responsible Pet Ownership for the good info as well as the automatic entry into the giveaway. You could be the next winner!

Disclaimer:  I was a satisfied Canidae customer long before I won the contest for free dog food.  Winning the contest didn't alter my opinion of the free products I received.

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