March 1, 2011

New Stool Cushions for Our Kitchen

Guest post written by Tiffany Cox

When I bought some stools a few years back to go at our bar in our kitchen, I really didn't think that we would use them that much, be we really do. Most of the time it's where the kids eat breakfast and will sit and eat snacks while I'm in the kitchen talking to them. I bought some pretty nice stool cushions then when I first got them but the thing is that they're starting to look a little threadbare. I tried to go back and find replacements for them but I don't think that company makes those any more.

So I went online to try and find some other stool cushions when I got the idea to just put new covers on those old cushions myself. I started looking around for some directions on how I could do that and when I was doing that I ran across some information about Clear internet prices. I read a little more about it and after a little consideration, I decided to sign up for the internet service because the prices were so good.

I did eventually find some directions on how to take my existing cushions and recover them, so I'm going to pick out a fabric for that sometime this week.

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