March 20, 2011

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Time for my own contest for you to promote, instead of me promoting others!  I'm giving away a  $10 gift card to one lucky reader of my writing blog - Write, Wrong or Indifferent.  There are several ways to enter, so make sure to take advantage of as many as possible to increase your chances of winning.

The contest ends Wed, but if you buy the ebooks mentioned in the post by noon on Mon, you get an extra bonus of 25 entries.  The ebook bundle is already a good deal at both for $25 with a $3 donation going to help a fellow writer battling leukemia.  Anyone that works from home can benefit from the tax information in these ebooks, so if you sell on Etsy or have a home office for any number of other things, the few dollars spent will be recouped easily ... and it's tax deductible as a business expense!

Remember, the giveaway ends Wed, so hurry to get your entries in!

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