February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas

I've been busy writing my little fingers off and some of my more recent pieces published on Yahoo! Your Wisdom have to do with Valentine's Day.

Do you have kids that need Valentine boxes for school?  I put together a few ideas for both boys and girls. With just a little help from Mom or Dad, your little ones can have a really fun and unique Valentine box to collect their cards in.

Still need a card for your own Valentine?  Don't spend a lot of money at the store when you can make your own Valentine card.  It's not only more frugal, it will be more meaningful because you made it yourself.  Some ideas are throwbacks to my childhood, so break out the crayons and construction paper and have a go at it.

If you need a gift to go with the card, I can help with that too. These Valentine gifts are inexpensive and fun to put together, for both young and old.

Valentine's Day is almost here, so come on, Cupid, draw that bow!

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