December 3, 2010

Rough, Ugly Feet? Grab the Scotch!

Do you have ugly feet?  Maybe this tip won't make your feet less ugly, but they will help keep them softer without a lot of effort.

I've always had rough spots on my feet, no matter the amount of scrubbing.  I've never had a pedicure and never been one to worry about how pretty my feet might look in sandals for summer, because .. well, after 53 years walking on these puppies, I know that no amount of money is going to make pretty out of the things sticking out on the end of these legs.  I do, however, like to try to keep the scaly, roughness at bay before getting to the point of needing a farrier's hoof file.

There are several Avon foot products that I love, most especially the Sloughing Cream, but even that requires a few minutes more than I'd like to spend because you have to apply the cream and let it dry a bit before you can slough it off.  You can't walk anywhere or put your feet down, so it means sitting on the toilet or edge of the tub while waiting, and of course that's just the time the phone will ring or you'll be needed elsewhere for some matter of the utmost urgency.

So .. what's my secret?

A Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge!

When I opened a new package of Scotch-Brite sponges for the kitchen, I wondered if it would be too scratchy for my new fiberglass tub.  I tucked one into the corner of my tub unit to try after my next shower, but it never made it that far.  As I got to the foot-washing part of my bath, the light bulb went on (Ok, not such a wise idea to mix electricity with a shower) and I decided to try the scrubbing side of the Scotch-Brite sponge on the rough spots on my feet.  Eureka!

I'm hooked.  The sponge is the perfect shape to hold onto while bathing, so a pretty blue Scotch-Brite sponge now has a permanent home in my bathroom - for cleaning me, not my bath.  I don't use with enough pressure to peel tender skin, but it works wonders for sloughing off the rough spots on the heel and ball of the foot.

I may opt for those pretty painted toes yet ...


Lyn Lomasi said...

Very clever! I may have to try that. I am so rough on my feet because I go barefoot everywhere.

Skittles said...
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Heidi Pocketbook said...

Very good idea! Most of the foot sloughing products I've seen contain at least one ingredient I'm allergic to, so one of these sponges is going on my "to buy" list!