July 26, 2010

Do Fish Like Orange Juice?

It's Monday.
Very early on Monday.
And dark.

Did I mention that it was very early on a dark Monday morning?

I like my cup of tea in the morning and often rinse my cup and use it for water the rest of the day. Ever frugal and not wanting to waste even that small amount, if there's any water left in the mug when I go to fill it with fresh, I'll toss it into the aquarium or one of the dog bowls as I'm headed back to the sink.

As I went to make my tea just now, I grabbed the mug from beside my desk and doused the one little African Cichlid I have left with a wake up drink.

Only it wasn't water.

Hence the question in the title - do fish like orange juice?

So - how is YOUR Monday going so far?


Coral said...

He/she would have liked it better if it had a little vodka it the orange juice! ;-)

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Too funny--I could just imagine myself doing something very similar!