February 8, 2009

It's Been a While...

I've been busy writing on my other blogs, but have neglected this one terribly so I believe it's time for a resurrection.

We survived the ice storm here in south/central Ohio, losing power for a full 2 days. We have a small generator, but I was reluctant to leave the space heaters on overnight, so it got down to 44 and 41 degrees in here. Not fun to wake up to! Even with just two small rooms open and two space heaters running all day, I don't think I ever got the temp in the house up past 62 or so.

Even with that, I am ever so thankful that we were as fortunate as we were, as so many others were far worse off; in fact, there are still thousands without power in Kentucky. My prayers are with everyone affected by the devastating conditions that have been abundant this winter season.

So, what's been going on in Marie Anne's life? Pretty much the same as it's been. I'm still waiting on issues with the house I'm trying to buy. It took an unusually long time for the VA appraiser to get out there, and then he insisted on an inspection by a licensed structural engineer. That report is in with issues that we were already aware of, and it cost me $350 to have someone with fancy letters behind his name put it in writing. I guess that's all part of the game. I'm waiting on a bid from the contractor for the repairs, and my agent is going to work on the seller's bank to see if they will agree to foot part of the bill. That should be interesting.

(click photo to enlarge)

I've been busy crocheting and have written up a new scarf pattern which you can find on my blog at Every Day Crochet. My links are being listed on other free crochet pattern sites, so I'm seeing a good number of hits daily, which I'm very thankful for. I need to get busy and list some of my things on etsy to see if I can get them sold. They're doing me no good sitting here!

I've also started blogging about some of my money making opportunities at Turning Pennies Into Dollars and will try to keep that updated with what works, what to stay away from, proof of my earnings, etc. I'll not get rich with my online endeavors, but if you're like me and are thankful for every dollar brought in, you might find some things of interest there.

That's it for this trip. God blessings to all ...

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Diane said...

I'm so glad you posted here! I love hearing about how your life is going. The things with the house are a consistent matter of prayer with me. And, BTW, if anyone needs to hear from someone who has some of Marie Anne's crochet, I own two scarves. They are wonderful! The workmanship is superb and they are beautiful and WARM!!! That's been a real blessing to me this winter, even down here in the south! Love ya, Marie Anne!